Tobar | Suffolk

Tobar began life as a family owned toy, novelty and gifts catalogue/wholesale company in the 1970’s and was sold to private equity owners in 2006 who trebled the size of the company within the space of around four years by moving into high street retail but were struggling to increase profits to match the growing firm.

Simon joined the company along with a new CEO and carried out a strategic review of the retail offering, relocating some stores, re-educating the team and professionalising back-end processes. 

An e-commerce platform was introduced to develop new revenue streams.  It was also necessary to remodel the wholesale side of the business which developed major retail business with leading UK retailers, whilst also reinvigorating the export business – developing new international markets into France, Germany and the Nordic Region.

The company faced considerable challenges during its transformation but is now operating successfully.

Areas of business: Wholesale | retail | ecommerce | catalogue